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On this test, price taken into account is fixed because the prices on the market are vary, so if you want to purchase “soft” prices, look for best family camping tents for sale.

Our tests in detail

To evaluate the models submitted by manufacturers, two pairs of testers were responsible for the tests in a flat, grassy ground, a sunny day. It provides valuable information of subject models but is also limited. Indeed, attempts to deliver excellent invoice all its qualities that over intense uses and when drastic climatic situations. To highlight qualities of resistance, impermeability and breathability we could not evaluate.


Special features: tent 3 people

Materials used: DAC Featherlite aluminum poles, inner tent ripstop nylon 40 denier nylon rain fly PU coating, floor mats Nylon Taffeta PU coating

Weight: 3262 g

Volume when folded: 11.84 L

Interior dimensions:

250 x 140 x 118 cm

Recommended retail price: 420 Euros

Mounting: 3.5 / 5

Manufacturing / Finishes: 3.9 / 5

Tester rating: 4/5

Goodies: 2 large entrances, interior

Cons: weight, folded volume

Overall rating: 13.1 / 20

Namely: A strong model of interior space.

Mounting: 3/5

Manufacturing / Finishes: 3.3 / 5

Tester Rating: 3/5

Goodies: low weight for

3 seats

Cons: little vents, zippers

Overall rating: 13.4 / 20

Namely: Lightweight materials for a spacious tent and a tight price.

VAUDE: Mark II light

Special features: tent for 3,

2 starters, 2 apses, double roof mounts first.

Materials used: aluminum poles 7001, 285T polyester ripstop room,

Double roof and floor mats ripstop nylon 240T

Weight: 2894 g

Volume when folded: 9.5 L

Interior dimensions:

210 x 163 x 106 cm

Recommended retail price: 470 euros

Mounting: 3/5

Manufacturing / finishes: 3.1 / 5

Note testers: 3/5

Goodies: storage bags, interior

Cons: little vents, zippers

Overall rating: 13.9 / 20

Namely: Excellent cabin with two large awnings.

EUREKA: Spitfire duo

Special features: tunnel tent 2 places

Materials used: interior mesh, polyester ripstop rain fly Armatech, soil Nylon Taffeta 70 denier

Weight: 2295 g

Volume when folded: 9.57 L

Interior dimensions:

320 x 180 x 110 cm

Recommended retail price: 170 Euros

Mounting: 5/5

Manufacturing / finishes: 3.6 / 5

Note testers: 3/5

Goodies: interior space, vents

Cons: basic sardines

Overall rating: 16.5 / 20

Namely: Quick to assemble

WILSA SPORT: Scorpion 2

Special features: tunnel tent for 2, 2 side entrances, 2 apses

Materials used: sun shield ripstop nylon 190T PU coating, breathable Nylon Mesh room + ripstop soil Oxford Nylon 210D PU coating

Weight: 2265 g

Volume when folded: 8.07 L

Interior dimensions:

230 x 140 x 95 cm

Recommended retail price: 140 Euros

Mounting: 2.5 / 5

Manufacturing / finishes: 3.6 / 5

Note testers: 4/5

Goodies: 2 large entrances, floor mats

Cons: guying

Overall rating: 16.2 / 20

Namely: A well-designed model with two large entrances and a floor mat back up on the sides.


Specifics: 2 person tent, 1 entry, the double roof mounts first

Materials used: aluminum 7001 T6 hoops, Nylon room, double ripstop polyester roof, floor mats Nylon Taffeta

Weight: 2338 g

Volume when folded: 8.23 L

Interior dimensions:

210 x 120 x 100 cm

Recommended retail price: 250 Euros

Mounting: 2/5

Manufacturing / finishes: 3.3 / 5

Note testers: 2/5

Goodies: quality double roof

Cons: hard mounting, floor mats

Overall rating: 13.6 / 20

Namely: simple to mount for some, this sturdy tent uses quality materials.

MSR: Hubba Hubba

Special features: tent for 2, 2 doors, 2 apses

Materials used: polyamide 70 denier room and screened 20 denier ripstop polyester double roof 30 deniers, mat polyamide 70 denier

Weight: g 1867

Volume when folded: 6.74 L

Interior dimensions:

210 x 125 x 107 cm

Recommended retail price: 420 Euros

Mounting: 4.5 / 5

Manufacturing / finishes: 4.1 / 5

Note testers: 5/5

Goodies: outstanding finishes, weight / volume

Cons: no rigging

Overall rating: 19.6 / 20 CHOICE EDITOR

Namely: A weight / volume is praised for this model with impeccable finishes.

CAMP: minima

Special features: tunnel tent

2 places, 1 entrance, mosquito room

Materials used: aluminum poles 7001 T6, polyester 50D room, double roof polyester ripstop 185T, waterproof groundsheet

Weight: g 1616

Volume when folded: 5.12 L

Interior dimensions:

205 x 91 x 67 cm

Recommended retail price: 90 Euros

Mounting: 5/5

Manufacturing / finishes: 2.6 / 5

Note testers: 3/5

Goodies: weight / volume, quick and easy installation

Cons: minimum internal space

Overall rating: 16.4 / 20

Namely: A single tent for people who need lightness and minimum congestion.

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The celebration is incomparable in the atmosphere of party tents for sale. If you have enough of them every year anew to buy a gazebo or a party tent just because the thing has the winter did not survive due to poor quality, then there is help for you

I list you on four recommendations of the most popular party tents plus review and placement. You can get excellent quality at a fair price:

The atmosphere

A celebration or party in a party tent/marquee, always provides you and your guests an extra experience, if it takes place in the open air or the garden. When celebrating on the green lawn, with discussions in the open air and at a late hour in a gazebo or perhaps when staying at a crackling fire in the garden Your Versanstaltung gets an entirely informal character and is so for all a unique experience.

Continues celebrate In severe weather

But on some days or hours, the mood of such a birthday party, engagement party or even a barbecue evening among friends tilt quickly if suddenly dark clouds and without warning dilute rain and wind to the dispensed the beer or wine and can overturn first glasses.

Party Tent Marquee bestellenUm exclude this danger from the outset, it is advisable to protect against rain and the wind but also against overheating sunbeams a party tent to buy into this in her garden tent. Except its protective function has a tent pavilion or party tent simultaneously a place for a dignified hosting the party guests and gives your garden a unique atmosphere that puts both you and your family and guests in an airy and relaxed atmosphere.

Your needs and ideas of designing a party tent or pavilion are almost no limits when you buy a party tent then some adventure is guaranteed and will always believe with your guests in mind.

Party tent style

A party tent is possible in different designs. Whether as a relatively straightforward Faltpavillon or gazebo, with or without the weather-proof roof, white or colored, with or without decorative elements – you can choose alone and determine which surprise you want to offer your friends and guests in your garden. Party tent as a convenient repository for garden furniture etc.

Party tent plays an important role if the party tent to remain situated over a longer period in the garden, so as to serve for example as the storage place for your high-quality garden furniture. And even if it was only used for a single cheerful or festive event as comfortable and protected location in the middle of nature, can give you the annoying clearing away dishes and other items will be spared immediately after a joyful celebration spent with the purchase of a party tent.

Party tent- product comparison

Buy marquee You Pavillon Professional animals during Partytent buy from our product comparison, because here we are in future even before party tents, Faltpavillon or marquee, which can be purchased through Amazon.

If you want to exclude that guests are caused by adverse weather conditions hastily to leave your parties, garden or celebrations, you should buy at the party tent decide. In the search and selection of party tents, you can shape, size and equipment determine the same dates.

What size do I need?

Here, the fulfillment of your claims of party tents is almost no limits. While the expected guests paying their parties and the size of your garden or land provide some input for the dimension, providing a broad range of party tents and gazebo various designs a wide choice field.

Conclusion for the party tent

To assist you in selecting a party tent advice and support to the side, you are welcome to our product comparison for marquees; marquee operates in which we selected party tent the online retailer Amazon. They are available and equipped with the very best customers review party tent will present …

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Finding the best family tent to buy a piece of cake? For us not. Indeed, there are many things you have to choose between whether to look out for when you go to buy a tent. During a walking or cycling, you indeed want a lightweight tent that is quick to set up, but also demolished soon and preferably has your tent in size does not take up too much space because you are indeed traveling with limited baggage. Anyway, too small a tent will not be perfect because you want in your truck tent probably can sleep two people and backpacks you have obviously also need a place. The smallest tent is therefore not necessarily the best choice and even if you travel on a budget, the cheapest tent will not be the best option (think of an increased risk of leaking tarpaulins or broken tent poles). Choices, choices, choices and so time for some tips to create a row so you can find a shelter that meets all your requirements, but at the same time is affordable and high quality! Below you can read what you should pay attention when a tractor tent or backpack tent buys.

What should you look for in a truck tent:

1. How many people do you want to sleep tent in your backpack?

The first question you should ask yourself is how many people you want to sleep in your backpack tent? Are you traveling alone, as a couple or with a group? And if you’re going in a group, everyone has to sleep in the same tent or give you prefer some tents?

2. Pay attention to the size of small tents

The number of people to sleep in the tent then determines the minimum dimensions. If you opt for a small one-person tent, a small two-person tent or just one that is more spacious but for two people or do you even need a three- or four-person tent? Next, you should look at your luggage, because if you walk or cycle, you must also be able to spend in the tent. If you have little luggage is a smaller tent fine, but you wear a big backpack on your shoulders then you should choose a bigger truck tent. Furthermore, you should ask yourself if you find it necessary to be in the tent. In most hikers tents can not stand to be alone does not a problem because you can take a sail in such a case you can stretch example outside the tent. So you do not necessarily have a dry place standing in the tent, but next to it. You can then easily cook, read, relax or do other things if it rains.

3. Choose a lightweight hiking tent

If you have an idea of the number of persons and baggage that needs to be in the tractor canopy and thus have an idea of the size you can look at the weight of backpacking tents. If you make a walking or cycling, it’s nice to not too heavy luggage with you. A lightweight tent is often the best choice. It is also important to check how much you think you can lift. If you are adamant, you rather travel with a heavier tent than if you’re not used to walking with heavy luggage. You can also choose elements of a tractor tent on the numerous travelers who sleep distribute it. So everyone contributes to the lug.

Lightweight tents you can find all of 1.5 kilos. This is the weight of an ultra-lightweight tent for two people. Are you sleeping with three people or you want a larger place? You can count on a tent of 3 kilos.

4. On a vacation to a warm area? Note the ventilation of the tractor tent

Ventilation is especially important if you are going to travel in more temperate areas. The probability of suffering from insects such as mosquitoes in warm areas and larger than you would certainly have a ventilation sit in your tent. This implies the beasts against. Further, ensure the ventilation grids sure there are enough fresh air and oxygen into the tent. Thus less heat is retained, and moisture can be better dissipated. This sleeps pieces better and is also beautiful awake.

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Where to camp?

  • Camping: Campsites are always the safest and most comfortable option Because When camping, daily, Although it requires a payment per stay, costs are always cheaper than a hotel. , Moreover, it is comfortable When using bathrooms and showers.
  • Mountain: if you are doing a trekking in the mountains, it is naturally That encampment there. To Do This, you must pay particular attention to the tents, sleeping bags and insulating elements are conducive to low temperatures.
  • Wilderness, Although the desert is presented as a very attractive place When camping, we must not forget the Temperature changes. Long hot days and cold nights are characteristic of the temperature range of arid climates, Which is why one Should Choose clothes, shoes and accessories are functional That camp for Such temperature changes.
  • Beaches: extremely popular in the summer nights, you do not need a very sturdy tent Compared to mountainous areas Where the Wind is an Important criterion to consider. It is Important to pay attention to the tide When camping (Because if we camped on the shore at high tide at night, we could reach) and use a rainfly to protect the tent from sunlight. Make sure the beach has at least enough space for 10 person tents

Campfire: 3 Tips for Success

With years of experience in camping, surely you’ve been learning tricks that make some tasks easier such as achieve build a campfire. It sounds simple, and basically what it is, but we must take some precautions.

Bonfires are a meeting place of fun, warmth when the cold night comes and more. But the first thing to consider is that the site is authorized to make a fire and do not run any risk.

In a future article, we’re going to give anyway some tips on how to prepare the site to make it safer. But now we want to give you three ideas that the experience of past failures left us, and we can make at home before starting camp.

  1. What are we going to light the fire? We probably have lighters if any smoke, but it does not hurt to have a few matches, but they are dry !!! Wet games can ruin our night. One idea is that you save a lot of matches in a plastic container with a good seal to prevent wetting. And by the way, at the top, you can glue a sheet of sandpaper that lets you turn the match. What do you think? Ingenious truth? At least practical. There are also those with more patience, give a thin layer of nail polish to the head of the match, which will be protected while allowing you to when scratched, you turn. So one problem: solved.
  2. What use to start the fire? We all know that the main point is to light the fire, once the fire has been established, it will be easy to keep. A homemade recipe that can prepare is first to collect the lint deposited on the filter of our washing machine. This is placed inside the tube of a roll of toilet paper vacuum, and this “armed” will serve as an excellent fire starter to begin to turn the small branches.
    And if we have forgotten, we can lay hands on the can of chips we have taken to enjoy these set fire easily, but I prefer to reserve them to enjoy eating hehe
  3. The paper tube. And what is that? As it is made very easy. Tomas a few sheets of newspaper (do not stay shorter than just going to waste it) and make a tight roll with all those leaves.
    Once formed the roll, tie him on both ends tight. The next step seems contradictory, but what you do is soak it in water for a couple of days. Yeah, I’m not crazy. Likewise, we will. And then, of course, what we should do is let it dry for several days, at least 2 or 3. It happens that the paper was subjected to water and then dried, turns much more quickly than if you were to use as was being the newspapered.

Of course, there are several ways over not stay without the happy bonfire we wanted, but with these 3 points given as to start smoothly. And enjoy our fire already lit, a meeting around it has much glamor.

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We understand that buying a tent may be a bit complicated. Here are 10 points to help you understand the features that seem essential selection process of choosing a tent. For more convenient, you can opt for the best backpacking tent

Tents: the different Elements

1. The room: it is the space Where you’ll sleep. The Therefore it will want broad enough to be comfortable (keep your feet touch the tip).
2. The dual roof: this is the layer That Provides protection to the room. It Protects you from the twigs (rain, snow, wind)
3. The apse area in front of the tent, sheltered by the fly. It serves as a general rule to protect the bags, cooking in case of inclement weather.
4. The hoops: They will create the structure of the tent. The hoops are mounted, and Easily disassembled for easy storage.
5. Metal Elements That sardines allow the docking of the tent and the voltage of the fly.
6. The ventilation windows Facilitate air circulation and helps prevent prevention THUS condensation.
7. Shrouds: Strings That will allow reaching the tent to optimize wind resistance.

Before purchasing a tent, you need to ask the right questions:

  • External circumstances, what kind of climate I will meet (wet, windy)?
  • What is the length of the trek or hike?
  • Capacity: How Many people will fit in the tent?
  • Weight: I am reliable to leave with a massive tent or should I opt for a lighter model (THUS usually more expensive)
  • External conditions: level of protection and the type of tent

You will not choose for the Sami example if you go in Bulgarian forests (a tarp will suffice), if you do a We in August with your children (one tent two seasons will be good enough), or if you go 3 weeks of traveling hiking in the Pyrenees in May (one 3 seasons Seems necessary).

Traveling to a country Where the weather is rain (or North Country is Ecuador)? Choose a tent with a waterproof rain fly and: has a floor mat That goes back high enough to protect Against the “underground” water.

If you go to a country Where insects are present, make safe your tent is equipped with screens on the forehead opening. This is the case of MOST tents on the market. Largely this will air the room without finishing with a spider in the gold down mosquitoes That will prevent prevention you from sleeping all night.

Ability of the tent

This is the underlying issue of race. It will choose a model That can Accommodate you and your cronies (unless you have made a silly bet, forcing you to sleep under the stars) Above all, ask yourself whether you need extra room for your backpack, the food, other equipment storage ( Including shoes). In this case, it May is wise to add a person to the capacity of your tent (gold have a wide apse).


As we have already Said, in the mountains, you’ll carry your tent (and yes, the bike because gold is the car park ;-).

The weight is Often a very significant criterion to be taken into account When buying your future Attempts. You are Strongly discouraged massive tents; you will regret it. The more you are lighter, there will be fun.

The idea is to opt for a tent quo goal light in you will feel right (and not too cramped) and advanced to put your bags or to cook in case of rain.

Also, check the seams with particular care because They Are Weaknesses and potential sources of leaks in your tent.

The tents are made of canvas and inside are covered with a double roof, protecting them. For maximum protection, the fly must have a full length and down to the ground.

Rainfly must always have sealed seams for maximum waterproofing of the tent.

There must be strings that can reach the fly to create a space between the fly and the inner tent. This space allows better aéreration while ensuring better resistance against rain.

The waterproof tents are expressed through the test colour water which is calculated in mm. Increasing the number of a millimeter of the water column makes the tent more waterproof. A water column under 1000mm is not recommended!

The seams of the floor must be within several inches of the soil, preventing water infiltration during heavy rains.

The floors are made of polyethylene or nylon. The lighter nylon is split more easily and is more durable. Polyethylene can crack over time. For floors, plus fabric is thicker, it will be sustainable

The hoops are available fiberglass or aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and considered more durable, but it is also much more expensive. Unless the weight is a constraint, the fiberglass poles are sufficient. Both can be repaired at low costs.

The hallways are always recommended because they protect your door, allow you to air out the tent and have a dry space to put them shoes and other items.

How to compare the characteristics of the tents? Brands are not proof of quality, in the same brand quality materials can differ.

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If you like the outdoor adventure, travel in a tent will suit you. But although it seems to be a simple trip, it requires a lot of prior organization to enjoy them smoothly.

The trip tent is an ideal way to rest, relax, and soak up a firm contact with the natural environment of our destiny. But there are some cautions and precautions to take, of course, but perhaps it is the holiday trip simpler organization and preparation. In this note, we will learn some basics you should keep in mind when planning the trip in tents so that your enjoyment is maximized. Pay attention and notes the following tips.The trip tent is ideal for family groups (preferably with children ages 6 and up, because the kids need more safe and secure environments), friends or even a couple. You can do more or less organized trips: hitching (asking left) or moving by car, train, bus or even plane, or the way you prefer.

The trip tent is ideal for family groups (preferably with children ages 6 and up, because the kids need more safe and secure environments), friends or even a couple. You can do more or less organized trips: hitching (asking left) or moving by car, train, bus or even plane, or the way you prefer.

There are two basic types of camp:

  • Fixed field: It’s where we stay in the same place throughout the holiday period. In this case, the tent can be larger, and the installation will be complete, including chairs, folding tables and other
  • Camp wheel: On this trip, we go moving through the area and even different cities. Here we will try to arm the tent site is more practical, avoiding bulky items that we should move.

Where to camp?

The recommendation is camping only camping area. These areas have been specially designed for these trips, although you can also camp in permitted areas without any organization, taking necessary safety precautions.
On field, there are two types:

  • Camping organized: These are facilities with electricity, grills, sanitary, supplies, and others.
  • Free Camping: They are prepared but no services, closed or open areas.

If you go camping in this type of campsites, select, well-lit, protected from the weather and high water flows away from cliffs and crags secure sites.

The best camping tent

The chosen tent should be enough for the occupants and more. If four people are traveling, you can prepare a canvas for that amount and another auxiliary tent for two, where you can store food, backpacks and more. If traveling two, you may also carry the best 4 person tent, because they can sleep more comfortably and keep your belongings inside the tent, for added security.

The tent must have a plastic floor and sound reinforcement to withstand wind and rain well. You must have ventilation, and suitable for the climate of the area where you go camping.

Inside the tent placed small thermal mats (you can use thin rubber mats or blankets EVA foam rubber which are used for sunbathing) and on these the sleeping bag. Some people prefer to place inflatable mattresses and sheets; that choice is a taste of the campers.

Security in camps

The adventure does not mean being careless with our security. Make sure you have chosen the camping destination, at least in broad strokes. Find out what precautions to take, and prepare your transport. If you go camping in free sites, introduce yourself in the municipality or a police station and gives a note of how many people stay in the tent and the approximate location of the campsite. So they will precaution to be collected before weather contingencies or eventualities.

Ten tips for camping

If you are a traveler, who loves to go camping to enjoy mountain destinations, river, lagoons, and beach. We give you the best tips for you to Consider When a campaign trip.

1. Know the terrain Where You go camping, near a river or Either is, you must know very well what the exact location Should be, According to the wind direction and the place Where You arms your tent is not a place Where the water is channeled in the case of rain.

2. Before traveling should know how a tent is assembled, it is not so easy to do. Keep in mind to bring all the pieces to assemble.

3. If you camp in the river does not unique on the banks, you must be careful With growing. Similarly, if you camp near the sea, watch the surf. The highlands are the MOST recommended to Prevent flooding in case of rain.

4. Keep in mind make the ground before assembling the tent. Removing the stones and branches can be very uncomfortable That to bedtime on them.

5. encampments in cold weather or warm weather, you Have to Consider what kind of clothes llevarás to do so, we recommend you always carry raincoats, jackets, comfortable clothes, sleeping or sleeping bag, there are for all types of weather, if it’s hot, but in some Also Remember That lower the temperature in hot climates warm night THEREFORE always Carries bags.

6. Fundamental, be Careful with insects and other animals. We recommend you bring mosquito repellent and before bed checks your tent, always close it off, and you Might be leaving the way open for the entry of space spiders, scorpions, Among Others.

7. Keep in mind Where you go on camping. There are individual Campsites That Have community bathrooms, and now there are many areas That Make hotels – camping. Investigate if you want to camp in places Where no one lives, As They Could be dangerous places.

8. Get a lightweight tent. There are many of brittle materials, and folding aluminum rods weigh That very little. If You have a backpack, take your tent there, and we recommend you to take the special tent for the number of people coming to you. We recommend the igloo, As They Are The Easiest to assemble and are the MOST stable in form. Note That there is individual tents geodesic for all climates and sleeve are a sac.

9. Take the Necessary items: such as canned food, potable water, essential items: such as a flashlight, matches to make your campfire, practical items like razors and stop not take your drugs if you require and a medicine cabinet.

10. Be sure to clean the place the end of your site, it is essential to leave the area clean for others WHO and encamp there to take care of Especially the planet.

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Dusting the Coleman 8 person tent, take rubber boots, make some cans of food and choose a bewitching place to spend Easter is perhaps the most complicated when part of an unforgettable holiday.

The tent is the centerpiece of the whole process. The igloo, being designed to withstand severe weather, it is recommended to rugged camping or without infrastructure; the high mountain should be light because you have to charge them for a long time for this and many reasons, left to the reader’s mind, it is always better to those of two people.

Choosing a right place to love them also requires a minimum of considerations. You have to locate the mobile home on a site close to where drinking water is obtained, but never on the river bank. “If there is an increasing influent, most likely is that the tents that are less than 100 meters take,” said Juan Valero.

It is also imperative that the ground is firm for stakes that are firmly embedded (bare floor is ideal). Try as far as possible to install the tent so that it is protected from the wind (in the lifting of the camp’s position about the sun is important to enjoy the warmth or shade). When you have raised, do some drainage to prevent flooding.


When camping many people carry some objects that do not need and already work realize that they left the most important.

The first thing to consider a camper is that your luggage must not weigh more than 10 percent of his body.

It is advisable to take two waterproof bags, one of 60 to 90 liters and another small 20 to 40 liters. To avoid mishaps like falling into a river or being attacked by a heavy downpour, the things that lead must be sealed in transparent plastic bags.

Also, sleeping bag for low temperatures (sleeping) and thermal insulator to place under a small stove that will not damage the environment by campfires. Do not forget two canteens, knife, candles, matches, lighter, flashlight, batteries, pain pills and cream massage.

Depending on the number of days, take between three and five changes of clothing. All you choose, cold weather, should be labrador but lightweight fabrics to dry quickly. Eight pairs of socks with double small on the sole, a waterproof jacket with hood and has no volume or weight, cap, and scarf.

Although many tools that make this free plan a success remember to bring your identity documents are in the pipeline. It is essential that this in many places and when you are with different armed groups.

Leave No Trace!

When you dream of escape from the noise, pollution and stress caused by the city, the alternative to go camping at one of the many natural sites and quiet that has Colombia arises.

Before you choose, remember that the true lovers of this type of outdoor plans are guided by universal agreement whose watchword respect for nature. In our particular case, to protect the rainforest, moorland, Andean forests, deserts and savannas that are unique on the planet.

These are the recommendations of the International Leave No Trace program and OpEPA order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

  • Plan and prepare before leaving.
  • Find the best you can the place you plan to visit: roads, camps, climate restrictions.
  • Define the goals and objectives of the trip. Consider the physical condition of the participants.
  • Bring the right equipment for the terrain and climate, not doing so creates the risk of impact.
  • To minimize the garbage out to the field, repacking their food in plastic bags or containers that can be used again. Avoid carrying cans or glass.
  • When possible, travel in small groups.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Camp away from water sources. (If there is a growing and tent near the source can have serious consequences).
  • Avoid places where the impact is just beginning, let them recover.
  • Do not contaminate water sources, enter only clean containers.
  • Do not build benches or tables, remember that the best camp is not, it is.
  • Use maps and compass to avoid leaving signs on rocks or plants.

Hope you find these tips useful for your camping trip. For more tips like these, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


6 Smart Camping Tips To Stay Warm And Dry

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Have your expedition plans? Are you going to make a long trek or perhaps on a camping holiday in a cold and wet area? Here are five camping tips I took the ascent of Kilimanjaro, but also very well applicable in other situations.

Tip 1

Make for cold nights a jar. Please, lightweight metal water bottle such as the bottles of Mizu or Sigg. Any non-insulated metal container can be used for this with a good reliable leak-proof screw cap. Boil bedtime water and pour it into the bottle. I pulled a sock over the bottle to put me to burn. I warmed my sleeping bag and shoved the jar back to the foot. Warm. In the morning you keep in a lukewarm water bottle into the game. Also helpful to do not brush your teeth with cold water. Don’t forget the camping food list

Tips 2

If the night is freezing, your clothes and shoes the next morning too. Brrrr. To avoid that stop you at night, you dress the bottom of your sleeping bag. Your shoes can with that. That seems a bit crowded and not so fresh, but the next day you’re triumphal with it.

Tip 3

Your luggage is transported by carriers than they like that the dirt is packed. By that I mean that prefer a duffel bag and not something with a frame or wheels. These unique duffel bags are often waterproof. Make no mistake; it is not waterproof. Wrap, therefore, all your stuff extra plastic bags. My tip is to use previously vacuum bags or zip Locks. Not that you have to suck with a vacuum cleaner, but bags that you can make with the hand vacuum. Two birds with one blow if you use these bags: your gear dry and take another less space.

The vacuum cleaner also works the other way. Do you have wet clothes and wants not to dry due to weather conditions, wrap it in vacuum bags. So you stay dry other clothing.

Tip 4

Remember that your sleeping bag should remain dry. Especially when it’s down, you do not want him to be damp. In a vacuum loading process difficult and a special waterproof bag is often wet. I pack my sleeping bag in my sleeping mat. The dual use of stuff is ideal, and in this case, everything is lightweight.

Tip 5

Then, of course, there is still a lot to say about the clothes you need to keep warm and dry. I suppose you already know everything about the layer system and that you need to make sure your top layer is waterproof for. One tip that you might not be so quick to think the purchase of sailing gear. Very comfortable; it carries very different trousers with rain pants about it. In rain pants, you run fast tend to pull it off and on. I had a thermal pant under sail pants. But otherwise was not needed.

Tip 6. Finally chose a lightweight tent

The beautiful weather is coming and the list of walking trips where I need a tent is getting longer. Next week is the first event, though, so I had to get its act finally together in the tent I’m going to buy. One thing is sure: It should be a lightweight tent because on some occasions I would have to lift him into my backpack. Choose, which is still quite difficult

When choosing a lightweight tent in my four criteria that weigh heavy and that its weight, comfort, durability and price. These rules seem to be a kind of communicating vessels; as the pressure goes down, the price goes up. If you compromise on comfort, you pay a better price, and less weight is less comfort. So the question is real: What do you think is most important and where are you going to return?

I had set myself some issues that had to satisfy my tent. I think weight is crucial. Crucial. An ultra-light traveler assumes a tent or tarp weighing under a kilo. I will not get it, but it is the aim. Regarding comfort, I also demand: I do not want to be in a kind of coffin-like tent. It should be a tent where I can sit up straight and can move in for example severe weather, but also just to get me to dress. Ideally I would like the room in the tent for my luggage and otherwise, must be placed at the door under the fly. A small double tent would be the very finest. That gives extra space when I’m alone but can always bring someone to trek without which immediately have to arrange their tent. A tarp is not for me. I value what sleep privacy.

For further information, visit http://www.familytentcenter.com/


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We asked some tips for novice campers. Here’s what they told under the guise of “I wish I had known sooner!”

– Invest in a good and warm sleeping bag. If the nights are cold and rainy, then you know why. Do not compromise on this, because a good sleeping bag is worth gold. For a four-season sleeping bag with a solid lining and insertion. Buy a tent immediately call for very tough you count every person two times because your luggage you obviously want to put inside.

-Setting Up your tent you do on a slight slope or elevation of the ground, roll a ball on the ground and see if it ends somewhere. In a little valley, you do not want to sit. Otherwise, you can have next time you’re having a day off to go swimming to your tent

How much stuff do you need on your vacation? I always took three times more clothes along than I needed and for only seven days. Less is better.

-Never, But never listen to the standard 9 or 12 person tent person tent. How many people can fit in a tent? A 9 Person Tent? All the big tents are based on more than six people (and even then with not too much luggage), and the rest is nonsense. Tel per person extra person along for the luggage. So to 9 people to cram in a tent, you have to have an 18-person tent, and then you have the space you need to sleep.

-Take Always bring a lot warmer sleeping bag than you think you need. You’ll thank me later. Even though it is 25 degrees during the day, it may be even more at night than freezing. And do not now, “Oh, then I lay there a blanket or quilt on top” … The cold comes from the bottom upwards, so that’s pretty pointless.

The choice of tent

Which tent should I buy? If you want to have the best camping tents, you should, of course, know the number of people go camping with you, and also it may require more maintained the boot. The size of the tents is measured by the number of berths, but you should assume that your luggage is the size of a person. So for two people, it will be most comfortable to opt for a tent 3persoons or 4-person tent. This means that when you are with four people, an eight-person tent than going to provide ample space for you, your family and all your luggage. Furthermore, a family shelter or family tend to do in space well, because there are several bedrooms, which to be separated by a kind of walls that can be rolled up, there usually is an integrated groundsheet and often porches and canopies sit at.

Tent set up

Before you go camping: Practice in setting up the tent. This will help you familiarize with the setting, the order in which this happens, and you can immediately see that all the parts are there, adjust and correct. If there is a defect or miss what is essential for the tent, you can fix this now or replace. Avoid condensation! What condensation occurs in most tents is often confused me Tekken as the water settles on the canvas and form droplets. To minimize condensation: – Ensure that all available slots are completely open. – Keep all “doors” rolled up, unless you need them to do down. – Shake or wipe away the moisture in the fly; Rest assured: Sweep will not adversely affect the waterproofing of the outer tent.


Get the right road tax areas or do it on the spot. Make sure your caravan is technically and tires. Before driving again check whether the light is in order and are the mirrors in the correct position. Look at the car after technical condition, fill the coolant, engine oil and windshield wiper fluid. Care on hot days plenty to drink and eat and take into account traffic jams. Stop while driving every few hundred kilometers or every 2 to 3 hours for a small refreshment and relaxation of the legs



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Choosing a longboard and you hesitate between the two without knowing which to choose? We will bring you some tips to select the model you need to enjoy the pleasures of urban skiing without limits. Follow our below tips.

Content of the article:

  • What about the setup


Longboarding also called long skate is a particular version of skateboarding but it is much longer. Indeed, thanks to a longboard, one can reach much higher speeds while driving. It often equates the feel to those of surfing or snowboarding thanks to the ability of longboard better manage curves.

The figures are also on a different longboard as those proposed with a conventional skateboard. The jumps are not suitable for this type of boards, so it favors rather the sliding and braking effects by protecting themselves with protections and skateboard helmets. The longboard is, meanwhile, a smaller model and thinner than a skateboard.

This type of board is very handy and more suitable for travel as complicated figures or jumps. The size of a cruiser generally does not exceed 75 cm. It features soft wheels, which allows easily slipping into town on uneven sidewalks, for example. It offers excellent comfort and achieves beautiful travel speeds.

good longboard brands


It is, first of all, important to define what you need to choose the perfect board according to your desires. If you want to sneak around in town, opt for a convenient and comfortable skate, move quickly with him, then you will opt for a cruiser. Plate cruiser is often plastic or flexible timber. Its size is between 55 and 75 cm. Many cruisers models have no grips, that is to say, of grip on the board areas and marked curve. This means they are not made to perform jumps and figures.

Regarding the longboard, the board is, in turn, much longer. Its size is between 80 and 106 cm. The shorter boards are adapted to ride in urban, whereas with the longer one can, in addition, perform slaloms. Materials of longboards also vary. It is in wood but also fiberglass, carbon … The material will define the flexibility of the board and will also gain comfort by avoiding vibrations.


Wheel hardness is measured using a scale from 65A to 100A. They are so soft and hard. Beginners prefer to choose a soft wheel – with a little figure before A – which ensures greater comfort, but also a better grip. Those looking for greater performance and speed will opt for a hard wheel, despite more vibration, slide perfectly on the ground and will achieve greater speeds. We prefer for cruising and downhill, the wheels of between 75A and 85A. For the slide, it will opt for wheels from 85A to 97A. The wheel size also influences the speed and comfort. The more it is, the more it brings stability. It is therefore recommended to beginners. Instead, the most experienced sliders choose a smaller wheel size and therefore faster and manageable. The trucks are skateboard accessories. They can make the connection between the wheels and the board. Depending on how they are mounted and tight, they change the use we want to make his longboard and cruiser. The trucks are generally mounted on the board, but they can also be screwed through both sides thereof when it is pierced on each side. It thus promotes certain actions, as does turning. The trucks, if they are low, are an advantage for experienced sliders, while senior trucks are recommended for beginners.

What about the setup

Set up editing: Operation, width, and height of the truck (the closer you are to the ground, over the board and you at the same time will be stable) diameter, width and quality of the wheels. The harder is the wheel, the easier it is to slide. Soft wheels are more comfortable to stroll. (WARNING: the brands offer many different wheels). The larger the diameter, the more enjoyable the ride will be… Height and angle of pads: buy a board without any climb, the more technical point is gained through your level of practice.