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We asked some tips for novice campers. Here’s what they told under the guise of “I wish I had known sooner!”

– Invest in a good and warm sleeping bag. If the nights are cold and rainy, then you know why. Do not compromise on this, because a good sleeping bag is worth gold. For a four-season sleeping bag with a solid lining and insertion. Buy a tent immediately call for very tough you count every person two times because your luggage you obviously want to put inside.

-Setting Up your tent you do on a slight slope or elevation of the ground, roll a ball on the ground and see if it ends somewhere. In a little valley, you do not want to sit. Otherwise, you can have next time you’re having a day off to go swimming to your tent

How much stuff do you need on your vacation? I always took three times more clothes along than I needed and for only seven days. Less is better.

-Never, But never listen to the standard 9 or 12 person tent person tent. How many people can fit in a tent? A 9 Person Tent? All the big tents are based on more than six people (and even then with not too much luggage), and the rest is nonsense. Tel per person extra person along for the luggage. So to 9 people to cram in a tent, you have to have an 18-person tent, and then you have the space you need to sleep.

-Take Always bring a lot warmer sleeping bag than you think you need. You’ll thank me later. Even though it is 25 degrees during the day, it may be even more at night than freezing. And do not now, “Oh, then I lay there a blanket or quilt on top” … The cold comes from the bottom upwards, so that’s pretty pointless.

The choice of tent

Which tent should I buy? If you want to have the best camping tents, you should, of course, know the number of people go camping with you, and also it may require more maintained the boot. The size of the tents is measured by the number of berths, but you should assume that your luggage is the size of a person. So for two people, it will be most comfortable to opt for a tent 3persoons or 4-person tent. This means that when you are with four people, an eight-person tent than going to provide ample space for you, your family and all your luggage. Furthermore, a family shelter or family tend to do in space well, because there are several bedrooms, which to be separated by a kind of walls that can be rolled up, there usually is an integrated groundsheet and often porches and canopies sit at.

Tent set up

Before you go camping: Practice in setting up the tent. This will help you familiarize with the setting, the order in which this happens, and you can immediately see that all the parts are there, adjust and correct. If there is a defect or miss what is essential for the tent, you can fix this now or replace. Avoid condensation! What condensation occurs in most tents is often confused me Tekken as the water settles on the canvas and form droplets. To minimize condensation: – Ensure that all available slots are completely open. – Keep all “doors” rolled up, unless you need them to do down. – Shake or wipe away the moisture in the fly; Rest assured: Sweep will not adversely affect the waterproofing of the outer tent.


Get the right road tax areas or do it on the spot. Make sure your caravan is technically and tires. Before driving again check whether the light is in order and are the mirrors in the correct position. Look at the car after technical condition, fill the coolant, engine oil and windshield wiper fluid. Care on hot days plenty to drink and eat and take into account traffic jams. Stop while driving every few hundred kilometers or every 2 to 3 hours for a small refreshment and relaxation of the legs


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