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Finding the best family tent to buy a piece of cake? For us not. Indeed, there are many things you have to choose between whether to look out for when you go to buy a tent. During a walking or cycling, you indeed want a lightweight tent that is quick to set up, but also demolished soon and preferably has your tent in size does not take up too much space because you are indeed traveling with limited baggage. Anyway, too small a tent will not be perfect because you want in your truck tent probably can sleep two people and backpacks you have obviously also need a place. The smallest tent is therefore not necessarily the best choice and even if you travel on a budget, the cheapest tent will not be the best option (think of an increased risk of leaking tarpaulins or broken tent poles). Choices, choices, choices and so time for some tips to create a row so you can find a shelter that meets all your requirements, but at the same time is affordable and high quality! Below you can read what you should pay attention when a tractor tent or backpack tent buys.

What should you look for in a truck tent:

1. How many people do you want to sleep tent in your backpack?

The first question you should ask yourself is how many people you want to sleep in your backpack tent? Are you traveling alone, as a couple or with a group? And if you’re going in a group, everyone has to sleep in the same tent or give you prefer some tents?

2. Pay attention to the size of small tents

The number of people to sleep in the tent then determines the minimum dimensions. If you opt for a small one-person tent, a small two-person tent or just one that is more spacious but for two people or do you even need a three- or four-person tent? Next, you should look at your luggage, because if you walk or cycle, you must also be able to spend in the tent. If you have little luggage is a smaller tent fine, but you wear a big backpack on your shoulders then you should choose a bigger truck tent. Furthermore, you should ask yourself if you find it necessary to be in the tent. In most hikers tents can not stand to be alone does not a problem because you can take a sail in such a case you can stretch example outside the tent. So you do not necessarily have a dry place standing in the tent, but next to it. You can then easily cook, read, relax or do other things if it rains.

3. Choose a lightweight hiking tent

If you have an idea of the number of persons and baggage that needs to be in the tractor canopy and thus have an idea of the size you can look at the weight of backpacking tents. If you make a walking or cycling, it’s nice to not too heavy luggage with you. A lightweight tent is often the best choice. It is also important to check how much you think you can lift. If you are adamant, you rather travel with a heavier tent than if you’re not used to walking with heavy luggage. You can also choose elements of a tractor tent on the numerous travelers who sleep distribute it. So everyone contributes to the lug.

Lightweight tents you can find all of 1.5 kilos. This is the weight of an ultra-lightweight tent for two people. Are you sleeping with three people or you want a larger place? You can count on a tent of 3 kilos.

4. On a vacation to a warm area? Note the ventilation of the tractor tent

Ventilation is especially important if you are going to travel in more temperate areas. The probability of suffering from insects such as mosquitoes in warm areas and larger than you would certainly have a ventilation sit in your tent. This implies the beasts against. Further, ensure the ventilation grids sure there are enough fresh air and oxygen into the tent. Thus less heat is retained, and moisture can be better dissipated. This sleeps pieces better and is also beautiful awake.

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