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If you like the outdoor adventure, travel in a tent will suit you. But although it seems to be a simple trip, it requires a lot of prior organization to enjoy them smoothly.

The trip tent is an ideal way to rest, relax, and soak up a firm contact with the natural environment of our destiny. But there are some cautions and precautions to take, of course, but perhaps it is the holiday trip simpler organization and preparation. In this note, we will learn some basics you should keep in mind when planning the trip in tents so that your enjoyment is maximized. Pay attention and notes the following tips.The trip tent is ideal for family groups (preferably with children ages 6 and up, because the kids need more safe and secure environments), friends or even a couple. You can do more or less organized trips: hitching (asking left) or moving by car, train, bus or even plane, or the way you prefer.

The trip tent is ideal for family groups (preferably with children ages 6 and up, because the kids need more safe and secure environments), friends or even a couple. You can do more or less organized trips: hitching (asking left) or moving by car, train, bus or even plane, or the way you prefer.

There are two basic types of camp:

  • Fixed field: It’s where we stay in the same place throughout the holiday period. In this case, the tent can be larger, and the installation will be complete, including chairs, folding tables and other
  • Camp wheel: On this trip, we go moving through the area and even different cities. Here we will try to arm the tent site is more practical, avoiding bulky items that we should move.

Where to camp?

The recommendation is camping only camping area. These areas have been specially designed for these trips, although you can also camp in permitted areas without any organization, taking necessary safety precautions.
On field, there are two types:

  • Camping organized: These are facilities with electricity, grills, sanitary, supplies, and others.
  • Free Camping: They are prepared but no services, closed or open areas.

If you go camping in this type of campsites, select, well-lit, protected from the weather and high water flows away from cliffs and crags secure sites.

The best camping tent

The chosen tent should be enough for the occupants and more. If four people are traveling, you can prepare a canvas for that amount and another auxiliary tent for two, where you can store food, backpacks and more. If traveling two, you may also carry the best 4 person tent, because they can sleep more comfortably and keep your belongings inside the tent, for added security.

The tent must have a plastic floor and sound reinforcement to withstand wind and rain well. You must have ventilation, and suitable for the climate of the area where you go camping.

Inside the tent placed small thermal mats (you can use thin rubber mats or blankets EVA foam rubber which are used for sunbathing) and on these the sleeping bag. Some people prefer to place inflatable mattresses and sheets; that choice is a taste of the campers.

Security in camps

The adventure does not mean being careless with our security. Make sure you have chosen the camping destination, at least in broad strokes. Find out what precautions to take, and prepare your transport. If you go camping in free sites, introduce yourself in the municipality or a police station and gives a note of how many people stay in the tent and the approximate location of the campsite. So they will precaution to be collected before weather contingencies or eventualities.

Ten tips for camping

If you are a traveler, who loves to go camping to enjoy mountain destinations, river, lagoons, and beach. We give you the best tips for you to Consider When a campaign trip.

1. Know the terrain Where You go camping, near a river or Either is, you must know very well what the exact location Should be, According to the wind direction and the place Where You arms your tent is not a place Where the water is channeled in the case of rain.

2. Before traveling should know how a tent is assembled, it is not so easy to do. Keep in mind to bring all the pieces to assemble.

3. If you camp in the river does not unique on the banks, you must be careful With growing. Similarly, if you camp near the sea, watch the surf. The highlands are the MOST recommended to Prevent flooding in case of rain.

4. Keep in mind make the ground before assembling the tent. Removing the stones and branches can be very uncomfortable That to bedtime on them.

5. encampments in cold weather or warm weather, you Have to Consider what kind of clothes llevar├ís to do so, we recommend you always carry raincoats, jackets, comfortable clothes, sleeping or sleeping bag, there are for all types of weather, if it’s hot, but in some Also Remember That lower the temperature in hot climates warm night THEREFORE always Carries bags.

6. Fundamental, be Careful with insects and other animals. We recommend you bring mosquito repellent and before bed checks your tent, always close it off, and you Might be leaving the way open for the entry of space spiders, scorpions, Among Others.

7. Keep in mind Where you go on camping. There are individual Campsites That Have community bathrooms, and now there are many areas That Make hotels – camping. Investigate if you want to camp in places Where no one lives, As They Could be dangerous places.

8. Get a lightweight tent. There are many of brittle materials, and folding aluminum rods weigh That very little. If You have a backpack, take your tent there, and we recommend you to take the special tent for the number of people coming to you. We recommend the igloo, As They Are The Easiest to assemble and are the MOST stable in form. Note That there is individual tents geodesic for all climates and sleeve are a sac.

9. Take the Necessary items: such as canned food, potable water, essential items: such as a flashlight, matches to make your campfire, practical items like razors and stop not take your drugs if you require and a medicine cabinet.

10. Be sure to clean the place the end of your site, it is essential to leave the area clean for others WHO and encamp there to take care of Especially the planet.

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