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Dusting the Coleman 8 person tent, take rubber boots, make some cans of food and choose a bewitching place to spend Easter is perhaps the most complicated when part of an unforgettable holiday.

The tent is the centerpiece of the whole process. The igloo, being designed to withstand severe weather, it is recommended to rugged camping or without infrastructure; the high mountain should be light because you have to charge them for a long time for this and many reasons, left to the reader’s mind, it is always better to those of two people.

Choosing a right place to love them also requires a minimum of considerations. You have to locate the mobile home on a site close to where drinking water is obtained, but never on the river bank. “If there is an increasing influent, most likely is that the tents that are less than 100 meters take,” said Juan Valero.

It is also imperative that the ground is firm for stakes that are firmly embedded (bare floor is ideal). Try as far as possible to install the tent so that it is protected from the wind (in the lifting of the camp’s position about the sun is important to enjoy the warmth or shade). When you have raised, do some drainage to prevent flooding.


When camping many people carry some objects that do not need and already work realize that they left the most important.

The first thing to consider a camper is that your luggage must not weigh more than 10 percent of his body.

It is advisable to take two waterproof bags, one of 60 to 90 liters and another small 20 to 40 liters. To avoid mishaps like falling into a river or being attacked by a heavy downpour, the things that lead must be sealed in transparent plastic bags.

Also, sleeping bag for low temperatures (sleeping) and thermal insulator to place under a small stove that will not damage the environment by campfires. Do not forget two canteens, knife, candles, matches, lighter, flashlight, batteries, pain pills and cream massage.

Depending on the number of days, take between three and five changes of clothing. All you choose, cold weather, should be labrador but lightweight fabrics to dry quickly. Eight pairs of socks with double small on the sole, a waterproof jacket with hood and has no volume or weight, cap, and scarf.

Although many tools that make this free plan a success remember to bring your identity documents are in the pipeline. It is essential that this in many places and when you are with different armed groups.

Leave No Trace!

When you dream of escape from the noise, pollution and stress caused by the city, the alternative to go camping at one of the many natural sites and quiet that has Colombia arises.

Before you choose, remember that the true lovers of this type of outdoor plans are guided by universal agreement whose watchword respect for nature. In our particular case, to protect the rainforest, moorland, Andean forests, deserts and savannas that are unique on the planet.

These are the recommendations of the International Leave No Trace program and OpEPA order to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

  • Plan and prepare before leaving.
  • Find the best you can the place you plan to visit: roads, camps, climate restrictions.
  • Define the goals and objectives of the trip. Consider the physical condition of the participants.
  • Bring the right equipment for the terrain and climate, not doing so creates the risk of impact.
  • To minimize the garbage out to the field, repacking their food in plastic bags or containers that can be used again. Avoid carrying cans or glass.
  • When possible, travel in small groups.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Camp away from water sources. (If there is a growing and tent near the source can have serious consequences).
  • Avoid places where the impact is just beginning, let them recover.
  • Do not contaminate water sources, enter only clean containers.
  • Do not build benches or tables, remember that the best camp is not, it is.
  • Use maps and compass to avoid leaving signs on rocks or plants.

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