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Where to camp?

  • Camping: Campsites are always the safest and most comfortable option Because When camping, daily, Although it requires a payment per stay, costs are always cheaper than a hotel. , Moreover, it is comfortable When using bathrooms and showers.
  • Mountain: if you are doing a trekking in the mountains, it is naturally That encampment there. To Do This, you must pay particular attention to the tents, sleeping bags and insulating elements are conducive to low temperatures.
  • Wilderness, Although the desert is presented as a very attractive place When camping, we must not forget the Temperature changes. Long hot days and cold nights are characteristic of the temperature range of arid climates, Which is why one Should Choose clothes, shoes and accessories are functional That camp for Such temperature changes.
  • Beaches: extremely popular in the summer nights, you do not need a very sturdy tent Compared to mountainous areas Where the Wind is an Important criterion to consider. It is Important to pay attention to the tide When camping (Because if we camped on the shore at high tide at night, we could reach) and use a rainfly to protect the tent from sunlight. Make sure the beach has at least enough space for 10 person tents

Campfire: 3 Tips for Success

With years of experience in camping, surely you’ve been learning tricks that make some tasks easier such as achieve build a campfire. It sounds simple, and basically what it is, but we must take some precautions.

Bonfires are a meeting place of fun, warmth when the cold night comes and more. But the first thing to consider is that the site is authorized to make a fire and do not run any risk.

In a future article, we’re going to give anyway some tips on how to prepare the site to make it safer. But now we want to give you three ideas that the experience of past failures left us, and we can make at home before starting camp.

  1. What are we going to light the fire? We probably have lighters if any smoke, but it does not hurt to have a few matches, but they are dry !!! Wet games can ruin our night. One idea is that you save a lot of matches in a plastic container with a good seal to prevent wetting. And by the way, at the top, you can glue a sheet of sandpaper that lets you turn the match. What do you think? Ingenious truth? At least practical. There are also those with more patience, give a thin layer of nail polish to the head of the match, which will be protected while allowing you to when scratched, you turn. So one problem: solved.
  2. What use to start the fire? We all know that the main point is to light the fire, once the fire has been established, it will be easy to keep. A homemade recipe that can prepare is first to collect the lint deposited on the filter of our washing machine. This is placed inside the tube of a roll of toilet paper vacuum, and this “armed” will serve as an excellent fire starter to begin to turn the small branches.
    And if we have forgotten, we can lay hands on the can of chips we have taken to enjoy these set fire easily, but I prefer to reserve them to enjoy eating hehe
  3. The paper tube. And what is that? As it is made very easy. Tomas a few sheets of newspaper (do not stay shorter than just going to waste it) and make a tight roll with all those leaves.
    Once formed the roll, tie him on both ends tight. The next step seems contradictory, but what you do is soak it in water for a couple of days. Yeah, I’m not crazy. Likewise, we will. And then, of course, what we should do is let it dry for several days, at least 2 or 3. It happens that the paper was subjected to water and then dried, turns much more quickly than if you were to use as was being the newspapered.

Of course, there are several ways over not stay without the happy bonfire we wanted, but with these 3 points given as to start smoothly. And enjoy our fire already lit, a meeting around it has much glamor.

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