Longboarding – Passion in my life

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Longboarding, I have now played for a few months, and it turned into a passion.

Longboarding, what is it?

To avoid confusion with the surfboard, I prefer the appellation “longboard”.

In a few words: the longboard is like a skateboard, but with a bigger board (hence the name) and wider wheels. There are different forms of boards depending on usage.

With soft and loose wheels trucks, longboard offers great gliding comfort, which is perfect for walking, also called cruising. But it is not just that because there are a lot of different disciplines exist:

– Dancing (trips on the board, according to a series)

– Freestyle (figures in place, which reminds the skate)

– Carving (slightly downhill with large amplitudes, a bit like skiing)

– Free ride (steep descent with controlled skids)

– Downhill (very high descent with speed detection)

Bitumen as a playground

The first time I went up on a board, I was not proud: the trembling leg, I was desperate for a place to cling to me. Fortunately, the progress is very fast.

Within hours, I found my foot hurt while working on my balance and learning to push (gain momentum with the foot) without wear out. After that, we must learn to slow down, to turn or to pump (speed without setting foot on the ground). This is a sport where one progresses continuously, regardless of his or her level. There is no risk to get bored!

Within weeks, my whole body is muscular, arms, back, abdominals, thighs, calves … Even if one looks not like that, it did work the entire body, since it is permanent sheathing for balance.

Longboarding is practiced everywhere but I need better control when the vehicle facing downhill, or worse, a family of tourists! One constraint: a smooth, dry ground.

And then when you master, you can even make flip-flops

Personally, I have no patience, but doing longboard at 2:00 in the afternoon in the deserted streets; with the sun setting will help you to progress without even realizing it. With practice, the fear of the beginning gives way to a very enjoyable feeling of freedom: it seems to float in a movement to dodge all the elements on its way.

It is also a sport with great values, where mutual support is very present.

If skateboarding remains a sport of young guys, I find it much more open to diversity longboard. Regardless of age or gender, everyone is welcome. Besides, it is seeing the videos of Girl Longboard Crew that I told myself “I too can do it!” (Well I do not have the same level), but it feels good to have female role models.

Moreover, it happened to me several times that I heard girls tell their parents “I want to do!” after seeing me through. Even my boyfriend nieces (5 and 12) are there. I think there is no more badass than the Longboard Girl Crew

My advice

– Invest in a quality longboard. Although Decathlon is cheap, you had better start on a quality material for comfort. It would be a shame to be disgusted a longboard just because the board you bought does not rotate properly!

– Choose a suitable longboard. If you want to ride in urban areas, you will not have the same board that if you do the downhill on large country roads. Similarly, according to your body, your board will not have the same flexibility or the same weight. Besides, do not hesitate to tinker for a customized board! – Save multiple outputs, it’s more fun, more exciting, and growing faster!

– Do not be afraid to fall (I still have to make progress on this point). Even better, learn how to fall.

– Be careful. Pay close attention to yourself and others. Remember the guards (at least knee and elbow pads, and if possible gloves and helmet) is in the first months on that the majority of accidents occur. Prefer bike trails, or better, the wide sidewalks. Avoid the crowd. Understand maximum movement around you (child running, nervous dog). Stop fire before crossing the road, even if it is green (cars that run will not have time to brake if you Blast down at top speed).

– Join the longboarders community, online or IRL. Come discuss on the forums of riders. – Watch videos.

– Ride regularly. This is the best way to improve without realizing it.

So when do you start?


Beginner Tip: How to choose the first longboard?

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Longboards can be found on the web with many brands, shapes (shape of the board), and size … Therefore, it is difficult to decide besides the classical and subjective criteria which we are all victims: design & advertising in mind. Yet a bad first choice may be irreparable to the point of disgust you the early exits: too hard wheels, board is too small, no flex, etc… The first objective is to quickly get a good feeling! We hope you find answers to your main questions on playing the longboard! Follow all the below useful and handy tips.


There are several types of practice in longboarding, and choosing your board will be influenced by what you want to do:

  • The cruising: the long distances ride in town or country. There are several options: a short board which is easily manageable in town, or a good long board which is just as wide for the long distance walk (uphill with soft wheels).
  • The carving: it is the sequence of medium speed corners (pumping). The more flex is the board, the more suitable it is for this type of practice. Warning, some brands offer different flex to adapt better to the shape of the rider.
  • The downhill: The descent. The board is very stable, often lowered (Drop through) and rigid. This discipline requires adapted equipment: board and protection (helmet and knee pads)
  • Free ride: it is a discipline involving both carving and descent. The boards are often symmetric and mounted drop through, which makes the board more stable while facilitating the slide.
  • The side walking or dancing: it is the realization of figures moving on the board, like surfing longboard, the length and width of the board vary with the level of the rider.
  • Street: it is moving with tricks, the board is short, light, handy, and preferably equipped with a tail of Ollie!


The chosen discipline will direct you to a specific sheet size. Unlike street boards that are almost all 32 inches in length, the longboard can vary from 20″ to 80 “(2 meters). Converting between cm / inch size affects the handling, stability and weight of your board. We must choose the appropriate length which is found certain standards:

  • Less than 36″ for slalom, street, tricks, and without forgetting the old school touch with reissues of wooden trays and plastic as Penny.
  • From 36 to 44″, all disciplines based on the template.
  • Above 44 “for cruising and side walking.


Regarding the stiffness or flex, simply retain the flexible boards. The more flex boards match practice of cruising / carving. The flexibility brings some ease to the beginner. Rigid boards meet practical requiring precision (downhill, slalom, tricks and slide). The compromise between flexibility and rigidity allows him to use the technique of pumping which favors the shutter speed without pushing.

The truck is the mechanical link between the board and the rolling part (wheel-bearings) of your longboard.

The Hanger (Axis in which the wheels are attached) pivots relative to the base at two gums. The whole suit in outdoor (pivot) and secured by a screw “vertical” interior side (Kingpin).

The Bushings are the rubbers that are on the truck. They allow turning the truck. There are different bushings (shape, hardness). The higher the hardness, the greater the truck is hard. The more it is, the lower the truck is flexible. It is advisable to choose an longboards for beginners.


The forms or shapes boards inform you about the following points: If the concave is hollow, the support at the expense of comfort is better. (The concavity of an object designates the portion thereof which has a recessed shape). The tail: survey for street / trick, pintail for carving. The nose is used for nose manuals and side walking. The shape is often the most decisive factor when choosing your board.

It is all a matter of taste, what counts in the end is that your board is what you like and would want to use it! The arches: it is positive on the boards of carving and slalom has the nerve (curved on top). Flat board is for dancing, tricks or street.

That are a few tips about choosing the right long board. Good luck

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Longboarding initiation (Part 2)

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The carving more than one mode is a style of skating, can go from side to side by turns, pumping on the

table, is very similar to the movement is done Snowboard down the zigzagging, also some movements

surf. Tables are of the intermediate size between 34 “and 41 = 86.36cm” = 104,14cm, quite flex shafts

with bushings to facilitate smoothly turn, Revenge type, usually really mounted on tables Coastal

Randal, Paris. Best to practice this discipline are long tracks with some slope, you can also use for any

road with little traffic pumping on the table, and inertia is better utilized.


The most extreme and spectacular form, where speed and adrenaline go hand in hand. In this discipline, the premise is to go fast. They get to

reach breakneck speeds, keep in mind that going on a simple table, Mischo Erban got the world record

speed of 129.94 km / h. To practice Downhill, you have to go to high mountain roads little busy to

practice, it is better to be accompanied to mount checkpoints traffic, down only are roads, no cuts,

poses a serious danger because you could collide with vehicles that can travel the area. If you want to

start in this discipline, it is very important to master the technique of slide (skidding), to slow down in

complicated sections and at the entrance of the curves, with the ‘footbrake’ or primitive braking at high

speeds you can lose stability and uncontrolled out of your board on the asphalt. The recommended

setup, are robust axles double barrel bushings, high hardness, to improve stability, wheels straight

profile of at least 75mm in diameter and 56mm wide, medium hardness. Tables are an average size of

between 36 “/ 91cm and 39” / 100cm, are rigid, with a low center of gravity, can be the top mount or

drop. It is highly recommended if not essential to use leather suit (biker), the full-face helmet and gloves

are essential slide in discipline and if you do not wear monkey, at least, use protection, knee and elbow

pads. A drop in longboard at high speeds is no joke.

Freeride / Sliding

The Freeride is a discipline of freestyle, and sliding a basic technique to cope with large drops at high

speeds safely, is vital to reduce speed, especially at the entrance of curves, and to control the speed

throughout the way, it is advisable to start with the Coleman, shortly publish a video. The sliding has

become one embodiment, events are organized around it and each day has more fans. This technique

has its difficulty, requires a lot of practice, if you do it on wet surfaces is easier, but we must be careful if

very hard to turn the table strips you can go and spit salts of the table.

There is no board specified as such, it may skid with almost any type of table, but what determines a

good execution is the art, it is recommended to use tougher and rounded profile wheels, to reduce

adherence to the ground.


The cruising is nothing but moving your longboard, long use as a means of transportation, not spend,

does not pollute and, incidentally, have fun. To get around the city will always be more comfortable with

a smaller, more manageable table. Also for choosing the route, depending on your tastes, (carving,

downhill, sliding …) and choose the table that suits.


This mode is one of the most classic and exciting, is to avoid rows of cones as quickly as possible, placing

cones is important and the distance between them is measured to the millimeter for both rows remain

the same, requires technical skill for proper implementation. many tests in our country are organized

and have good riders.


Skate in swimming pools or bowls, it has much to do with the origins vertical skate. It is more up and

down doing spins (no pivoting on the rear axle) to perform tricks or flight coping. The tables are

relatively short (29 to 34 inches) are wide and robust axles. This method became very fashionable in the

70s thanks largely to the Z-Boys, but still very much an alive day.

Long distances | Longboard Push

Most less known, but not least, each day they increased the followers of this hard discipline. One of the

most natural, since it involves travel long distances on your longboard. The most important aspects of

this type of tables are on the one hand, its low center of gravity, to facilitate the ‘kick’ and on the other,

the diameter of the wheels, which are usually between 85 mm.

Dancing or Steeps

As its name suggests, you are dancing on the table, taking steps forward and back, crossing his legs,

running up and down, turning and jumping on our table. Dancing boards are the longest of all (45 inches

and up) and the best place to practice is a long track skating and very smooth. In this mode, it is where

the most variety of tricks are done and the most fun is to go about linking tricks with others as we move

from side to side.

We hope this article will prove useful and will serve as guidance, and remember the most important

thing is to enjoy skating.

The Longboarding will create new styles come arising from the merger of existing ones with new

variants disciplines or styles, evolution is constant. The important thing is to enjoy, whatever you do,

skidding and is happy !!.


Top 10 best softball bats: Our Editors Choice

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Are you worried that you are lagging behind in choosing the best softball bats because all your competitors can easily outdo you with no effort at all? Are you putting in hours of practice and yet you cannot seem to be able to match up to their game plan? Have you considered that all this may have nothing to do with your playing abilities and may be all about the kind of slowpitch softball bats that you are using? Yes, that’s right! Did you know that your bat has a lot to do with the quality of the game that you play? Just visit my new slowpitch softball bat blog at slowpitchbatrampage.com to discuss softball.

Mostly Wanted Softball Bats

Mostly Wanted Softball Bats

Choosing softball bats must be chosen with great care and they must be such that they help you play better and perform better. In fact some extra bucks are worth slowpitch bats that will actually improve your game. The best slowpitch softball bats can take you places without you having to put in those extra hours of hard work. It is high time that you opened your eyes to the fact that it is not about superior abilities or planning that keeps others ahead of you in the game, it is rather got everything to do with the bat that you choose! Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Bat is a featured bat recommended by SoftballExpert.net

Moreover, choosing the best fastpitch softball bats does not mean simply walking into the b store of your choice, gazing through price tags, calculating discounts and settling for the color and price that you like the best! Before all that make sure you have made a quality check.

For certain things in life, tags and brands do matter, and your bat is one of those things! The best slowpitch softball bats are made using very modern and scientific technologies and they are the best choice simply because they help improve your own game’s techniques and do not take a toll on your efficiency like ordinary bats do! Click here to visit SoftballExpert.net for more details.

Best Softball Bats 2016

Easton: with its great technology the Easton CNT bats are a dream come true. The area where the ball hits is really flexible and the bats are stronger than anyone can even imagine thanks to the nano tube technology. These bats will last you long and you will surely get value for the money that you spend! The stealth bats made by them are very popular and are a sure shot winner any day!

Demarini: the fusion of carbon and aluminum give these bats both flexibility and power and ensures a great strike rate to you. The power that these bats have will blow away your opponents and you will know that the bat that you use is a hot favorite among both players as well as amateurs!

Worth: their nano frames are the secret behind the great speed and power that their bats have! If you want the latest from them try the ‘Jeff Hall Mayhem M7’ which is the best of its kind and has even better features than the other models under Worth! However, the number of these bats is limited and so you must hurry if you really want to get that perfection in your batting!

Miken: they have recently come out with their ‘Freak’ bats which will help you take long shots at the ball and you can easily score with your shots! With an ESD the bats have great technology on their side and can make sure that the ball goes further than you can even imagine! The handle ensures you are in total control of your shot by giving you a better grip.

One of these slowpitch softball bats can bring back the glory that you are losing out on because of your worn out and out of fashion bat! Don’t settle for the cheapest bat but settle for the best bat in the market that will bring to you the technology that you really need!

The defensive pitcher, on the other hand, is normally used in most slowpitch games. Here, it is required for a thrown ball to define a curve with the highest point slightly over the batter’s head.

Because of this condition, the pitcher is made to throw the ball in such a slower pace so as to define the said curve. That is why most batters achieve considerable scores in this kind of softball.

Consequently, softball is based on this concept of hitting the ball and pitching that the score can be identified. A score can only be achieved if a player makes one complete rotation in the four bases.

Accordingly, the batter is considered out or is no longer allowed to hit the ball when he or she had accumulated three strikes, was hit by the ball or by the glove that contains the ball, the fielder touched the base even before the batter gets close to it, and when the ball hit by the batter was caught by a fielder and had not yet touched the ground.

The conditions of the ball being pitched and hit and the position of the players in the field while playing softball are all being decided by umpires. They render their decisions through the use of hand signals.

Indeed, softball is a more modern way of playing baseball. But the reason why most players appreciate softball more than the baseball game is that softball is a game that requires a combination of constant force and power at the same time use of strong mind power coupled with skills and determination. It is certainly an art playing softball.


How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder

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Rangefinders can help anyone improve their game because it is used to measure the distance and the range of the objects that can be seen on the tract. The Rangefinder gives accurate distance for the distances of the objects using the safe lens. They work on GPS and by using a laser they will detect the objects that you cannot see with your naked eyes. It will let you continue your game without having to worry about the objects on the tract.

How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder

Maximum distance range

When choosing a Rangefinder, you should know how far it will be able to see. Most of the Rangefinders that can be bought can reach up to 1500 yards. The Rangefinder will use its best abilities to when the weather conditions are in your favor and clear. You can also check out the reviews about Rangefinders to help you choose.


Features and the type of Rangefinder

Consider the features it has to offer. The size, shape, range, brand, magnification, model, and accuracy are all important features of a good Rangefinder. The type of the Rangefinder is also significant. If you are looking at a Rangefinder then you need to get one that is slope edition. This will tell you the distance, altitude, time, and climatic conditions. If you are already a professional golfer, you need to get the tournament Rangefinder.



The price matters a lot. There are Rangefinder that offers lots of features with a reasonable price. If you are already a professional golf player, you can get Rangefinder that is made for the tournament even if it has lesser features, but the missing features are only necessary if you are a beginner.


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Barefoot Running For Women

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Some people say that barefoot running is the most ideal way to run. Runners who want to perfect their running form will run barefoot for at least a month before putting on shoes because the way a person runs barefoot is the ideal way of how a person should really run. Due to this fact, shoe manufacturers have designed barefoot running shoes to support protect the feet from getting wounded while a person runs barefoot. Barefoot running shoes have a thinner sole and do not have much cushion to make the person feel as if they are running barefoot.

Barefoot running shoes

Nike Free 5.0+ and Nike 3.0+

This shoe fits like a glove because they are bouncy, light, and it easily allows barefoot running. Do not use this for more than 10 in a single run because anything beyond that might cause your feet to become sore.

Nike recommends that those who are new to barefoot running should start out with the 5.0+ model. It is very comfortable and light.

New Balance  Minimus

As soon as you put on the shoes, you will find them instantly comfortable. They are easy to start running in and it is good for 10-mile runs.

Some people said that they did not find it comfortable right away and it took a while before they got used to it. They love the shoe as soon as they were able to use it more comfortably.

The shoe features a 4mm drop because of the variances that were created during the manufacturing process. It has barefoot-friendly internal construction with light weight upper mesh. This is a whole new approach to footwear and a new place in the spectrum from running barefoot to the traditional maximum-cushioning shoe. It is odor resistant and provides maximum surface contact. (more…)

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These are the things you need to know to become a good mountain biker. Also, it is the important things to remember and to be ready for your next adventure.


Mountain bikes are different from other bikes primarily with its features and performance. We all know that mountain biking is pedaling in rough, rocky, or bumpy terrain and sometimes forest trails. We should know the tips for choosing your bike. You can choose a best mountain bike, just remember this following tips:

  • Tires: It should be 27.5 or 29 inch diameter usually and width between 1.7 to 2.5 inches.
  • Handlebar: Flat handle bars that have a smaller frame, usually made of wide tubing.
  • Brakes: Always check your brake’s power.
  • Gears: it should be lowered ratio gears for climbing steep hills and obstacles.
  • Pedals: It can be simple platform pedals, or design it with whatever designs you like as long as it is comfortable with you..


  • Gloves: should be heavier construction and that will covered you thumbs.
  • Glasses: can be used as shade to protect your eyes from sunlight.
  • Shoes: Wear your most comfortable shoes in your adventure.
  • Clothing: its ability to protect you from sharp trunks or leaves and grasses. It is also a protection for debris and direct sunlight during a sunny day.
  • Water: is important for mountain bikers. You can bring bottled water with you, and put some in you backpack.
  • Navigation device: is sometimes you use as a map.
  • Bike tools: are important for the mountain bikers, such as wrenches, mini pump and screwdrivers.

If you are in a budget, just pick the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars and you are good to go with some accessories.

Protective gear

  • Helmets provide important head protection. This is a thing that all mountain bikers always bring and used. Learn how to pick the best mountain bike helmet here.
  • Body armor and pads, also known as “armor”, use to protect you trunks and you limbs in the event of an accident or crash.
  • First aid kits are always carried, they can clean cuts and able to cure or get remedy for themselves or when there are splint broken limbs by their own, because you are far from any help or clinics.


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Kitchens Go Compact

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Cost and labor efficiency concerns are dictating use of more versatile food service equipment in hotels.

hotel foodservice

The days of kitchens with unlimited space and unregulated equipment usage are over. Today’s hotel food service departments are surviving lodging’s tough times by evolving into leaner, meaner machines. They’re equipping their kitchens with labor-lean and space-saving items and learning to do more with less. They’re also looking for ways to save on what equipment they do purchase, consultants say.

The trend toward smaller kitchens reflects not only increased land costs but more multi-use equipment such as pressure cookers and cook and hold ovens. Harry Schildkraut, vice president with design consultant Cini-Little International, says the downsizing trend has been going on for the last decade. “In working with the major chains, we’ve found that they want to reduce the length of the cooking line as much as possible,” he says. “They find that they can do long menus with less equipment. The equipment is more versatile, and the staffs are better trained.”

microwavesLarry Hines, senior buyer for kitchen and laundry facilities with Carlson Hospitality Group’s procurement division, agrees that kitchens have been trimmed down. “Once, you would walk into a kitchen and find 25 feet of hot-top ranges,” he says. “Now, you find broilers, steamers, special microwaves and so on.”

Besides occupying less space, newer equipment allows more staffing flexibility. “When we do a design, we don’t just look to fill a space with stainless steel,” Schildkraut says. “When we design a coffee shop restaurant kitchen that has to do room service 24 hours a day, we want that kitchen to be able to be run by one or two people at 3:00 in the morning and still handle the lunchtime rush.”

Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen ApplianceAmong multiuse equipment, pressure cookers are a popular item, both for new installations and for renovations. (It actually is an application very important, you can find out on the internet about the characteristics, features, and benefits of a pressure cooker. To ensure your safety, I suggest you should buy a best pressure cooker.) “Once chefs and cooks use them, they fall in love with them,” Schildkraut says. But not everyone is sold on the value of combining several functions in a single device. “I’m not a big fan of some of (this equipment),” says Les Jones, director of food facilities planning for FORMA, which designs Westin properties. “Some of it will do several functions quite well, but others not so well, and you have to be aware of that.” But he admits that smaller kitchens demand use of these units. “If we have the space, we’ll put in the (separate) piece.”

In busy kitchens, replacing several units with one might pose scheduling problems as well. “It forces the operator to schedule more efficiently,” says Carlson’s Hines.

Besides labor and space considerations, kitchen designs must address two other issues for lodging operators: waste disposal and energy use. FORMA’s Jones says he is planning a waste management room in every new kitchen layout in response to more community demands for reducing waste. Because community needs and capabilities differ, there is no standard setup for such a room. Trash compactors, pulpers and bailers are common furnishings, as are recycling bins. “The problem with waste management is not what we can provide, it’s what can be handled by the local community,” Jones says. “It doesn’t do us any good to put in a waste management program and separate everything if the trash collector hauls it to a landfill.”

Jones says that stricter waste management rules may necessitate renovating older food service facilities to help hotels comply. “It’s going to be difficult in some of the existing properties–there’s nowhere to put things,” he points out.

Building codes in some high-pollution areas, such as Southern California, are also dictating how air is exhausted from kitchens. Facilities with broilers need to install precipitators, a special, expensive exhaust system that removes smoke and odor.

Gas, electricity and water conservation efforts are influencing equipment choice and usage. New, more energy-efficient equipment is replacing existing units, and designers are looking for single-phase rather than multiple-phase units, says Clifford Schmidt, director of purchasing for Carlson’s procurement division.

“Water is becoming a big trend,” Schmidt adds. “Years ago, a dishwasher would run continuously; now if it isn’t filled with dishes it will shut off automatically.” A Radisson going up in the Canary Islands, where water is at an extreme premium, will probably use a recycling facility to ensure the property has enough water.

Despite reduced space and capital for food service facilities, lodging operators are still innovating.

Exhibition cooking continues to be popular, especially with woodburning equipment. Shildkraut designed a Hyatt Suites Hotel with a woodburning oven and grill that roast pizzas, chicken and other items. “Chefs like them because they can experiment,” he says. “But it does take a lot of training for a chef to work with a woodburning oven.” Heat distribution and temperature are the keys.


Hotel Food and Beverage Breakfast ServiceWoks are also showing up more in kitchens, reflecting both a bow to the influence of Asian cuisine as well as a desire for menu flexibility. Additional evidence of an Asian influence: Westin kitchens now include an area for preparing Japanese-style breakfasts. “It doesn’t require new equipment,” Jones says, “but we’re making sure we have the space and the station to do it.”

Pizza operations are popping up at more facilities as well. Operators weary of seeing pizzas delivered to guests have set up their own pizzerias with the help of companies like Perky’s Food Service Concepts.

The Omni Hotel at Atlanta’s CNN Center named its pizza facility, Mario’s Fresh Baked Pizza, after F&B Director Mario Gomez. Perky’s supplied a self-contained unit with a refrigerator, oven, dough press and condiment storage and trained Omni staffers to produce pizzas in about 5.8 minutes. “Any member of the room service or kitchen staff can make a pizza,” says Gomez. The entire operation occupies about 18 square feet.

Pizza profits dwarf other food service items: The hotel sells a 14-inch pizza for $9-$10, and ingredients run about $2.05-$2.25. Besides delivering to guests’ rooms, the hotel serves the entire CNN center, advertising through flyers. About 20 percent of the orders are from outside of the hotel.

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Importance of Bikes for Riding through the Mountain

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You must keep your bike properly parked for some time and should check for the tires that whether they are working properly or not. It is very important to know all the features related to your mountain bike that may help you to get the adventure done easily. There are best mountain bikes 2015 that provide you with the best of everything and are just simply great to go for trailing with friends.

You may also check for the equipments necessary to have for the mountain bikes with you. You may click here on the main website and can get more detailed information for your required task.

You must search for several reasons that may guide you and tell you more about that how you must stay skinny while being in the dirt. These reasons are:

  • Tires:

You may get to know about your tyre and check properly if you get any hit or damage and get back to your trail with the main things by the traction and you must stay confident with what ever happens with you.

  • Paying complete attention to your trail:

You must keep full focus on your trail and this will help you to get the best skills for you and get the right coordination of your eye with the body that helps you to get the better journey to the trail. Pick the best mountain bike under 300 here and you will be good to go.

  • Getting information about the trail and area around:

You must know everything related to the area you are going for trail. Keep map along with you that will help you to get the best of your trip and it may help you in many ways and from getting lost around as well. (more…)

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Best Slowpitch Softball Bats – Helpful Guide from Experts

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Are you worried that you are lagging behind in top slowpitch softball bats 2016 because all your competitors can easily outdo you with no effort at all? Are you putting in hours of practice and yet you cannot seem to be able to match up to their game plan? Have you considered that all this may have nothing to do with your playing abilities and may be all about the kind of slowpitch softball bats that you are using? Yes, that’s right! Did you know that your bat has a lot to do with the quality of the game that you play?

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats & Reviews

Best Slowpitch Softball Bats & Reviews

Softball slowpitch bats must be chosen with great care and they must be such that they help you play better and perform better. In fact some extra bucks are worth slowpitch bats that will actually improve your game. The right bat can take you places without you having to put in those extra hours of hard work. It is high time that you opened your eyes to the fact that it is not about superior abilities or planning that keeps others ahead of you in the game, it is rather got everything to do with the bat that you choose! Easton Salvo Composite Balanced Bat is a featured bat recommended by SoftballExpert.net

Choosing the right bat does not mean simply walking into the b store of your choice, gazing through price tags, calculating discounts and settling for the color and price that you like the best! Before all that make sure you have made a quality check. (more…)